Various businesses across the US and Europe, including the NHS have fell victim to the recent ‘WannaCry’ and ‘Petya’ ransomware attacks. The attacks gained mainstream media coverage and highlighted the importance of your businesses security. This blog details steps businesses can take to reduce the chance of your business being infected with ransomware.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a virus that accesses your PC by tricking users into opening harmful emails, downloading files or accessing websites. When the virus is on your PC the ransomware can encrypt your files, blocking access and threatening to delete the files unless a ‘ransom’ is paid.

Action Fraud UK highlights the importance of not paying the ransom as there is no guarantee that access to your files will be restored, it means you could be attacked again & paying this funds organised criminals. (Action Fraud UK, 2017)

How can I prevent Ransomware attacks?

Be vigilant 

If an email looks suspicious it is best to delete it. Opening the attachments or following the links included can lead you to downloading the virus. If the sender is pretending to be an individual or business you’re aware of On-Site Connect recommend informing the company to make them aware as it is likely they’re I.T. systems have been breached.

Anti-virus software 

Installing a reputable anti-virus software will ensure your PC is protected against known and emerging threats.

Updating all software 

It is vital that all software, including the anti-virus on your PC is updated as soon as the latest version is released. Updates can sometimes be pushed through to close potential security flaws, rather than just improving functionalities. As Norton report “having a set of old virus definitions is almost as bad as having no protection” (Norton, n.d.)


Regular back-ups of your files on a separate sever or cloud based service is the best protection against ransomware, regular backups of all your files will allow the business to retrieve recent copies without issue.

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