A survey of business leaders at the Global Leadership Summer in London found 34% said that more than half their company’s workplace would be working remotely by 2020  (Vanderkam, 2014).

Companies distribute their employee’s laptops, mobiles and tablets which enable the employees to access the corporate resources via a portal/app. Although this flexible approach offers businesses many benefits it is vital to ensure the resources are kept secure.

On-Site Connect can ensure the resources are protected by providing Mobile Device Management (MDM), which is a category of the Enterprise Mobile Mobility (EMM). MDM is a solution that allows you to secure and control all your companies’ data on remote devices using an in-house or cloud based application.

MDM offers businesses many benefits, we’ve detailed a few of these below.

Wipe/lock devices – If an employee loses a work distributed device the administrator can lock or wipe this device instantly ensuring all data is no longer accessible.

Software updates – MDM allows for software updates to be pushed through to devices remotely removing the need for the employees to complete this. Ensuring devices are up-to-date is important for their devices security.

Control access – The administrator can change which users can access which information. If a user gets a promotion and now needs more access to software/data this can be completely remotely.

On-Site Connect can offer this solution to all small, medium and enterprise solutions. If you’re interested in deploying MDM within your business call us today on 0845 0777 071.

References –  Vanderkam, L. (2014, 08 14). Will Half Of People Be Working Remotely By 2020? Retrieved from Fast Company: https://www.fastcompany.com/3034286/will-half-of-people-be-working-remotely-by-2020